Team lunch @Aroy Thai Eatery – Commerce Street

This is the first time I’m visiting an Aroy in Auckland and I already knew what I was going to have, at least for dessert – Mock Pomegranate Seeds, thanks to the Wellington experience.🍴🥗🍛🍚🍍🍈


Dessert time @Miann Morningside

Drinking hot chocolate followed by chocolate desserts while sitting outside in 8 degrees cold has its own pleasure in becoming a memorable experience.

Just like @Mixmoon, this one is slowly becoming our goto dessert place for carvings on lazy days and weekends!🍵☕🍦🍨🍧🍫


The lovely mid-year dinner @Marvel Grill

The food here is delicious, specially the deserts and the staff is awesome.

Here is the dessert served to me, made of ice-cream served with popcorn and bananas –

We got so many enquiries and interests around the Flying Sherpas, our cricket team.

Having a great time catching up with the colleagues, many of whom you will meet again after another year.


#GingerChai #Halva

Having a great time sipping ginger chai with friends and tasting scrumptious hot dessert, a halva made from healthy ingredients including almonds – not less than a blessing in a cold night like this.

Discussing some interesting subjects including some uniquely amazing things about our country, New Zealand.

What a great way to end a beautiful day!

This has to be among the best evenings we both have spent together in Wellington. ☕


Exploring never-ending Cuba Street, this time for lunch @Aroy – Thai Street Food

The food was tasty but the dessert turns to be the highlight. An awesome recommendation from Jose – restaurant as well as the dessert.

It is always a great experience to visit Cuba Street and try something new! 🍛🍲📛🍚🍍🍉


Time for a special dessert @T-Hut

Talk of fusion concept applied to tea.

Here you are looking at a ‘Jasmine Green Tea’ filled with Milk and having Cheese topping. Once you mix everything, its taste is pleasant enough to confuse the senses to determine if it is a tea or a filling dessert.


Tasty dessert after a yummy dinner is all you want. Picked this luscious Mango Ice-cream out of many exquisite ice-cream flavours @Kaffee Eis

Thanks to Sunshine for spotting this really popular and little ice-cream shop which made our day.

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