The lovely mid-year dinner @Marvel Grill

The food here is delicious, specially the deserts and the staff is awesome.

Here is the dessert served to me, made of ice-cream served with popcorn and bananas –

We got so many enquiries and interests around the Flying Sherpas, our cricket team.

Having a great time catching up with the colleagues, many of whom you will meet again after another year.



Team lunch @Orleans

Feeling happy to enjoy team lunch every week with awesome colleagues.

This is apparently an American burger restaurant although the burgers are made from waffles. The jazz music playing in background is amazing. The interior is music themed except one dark creepy wall full of assorted items hanging around. πŸ”πŸ‘₯


Now enjoying our second date this year @Burger Burger Ponsonby

This is one of the best restaurants in Ponsonby for a quick bite and still treasure the time. Yum burgers, good drinks and great atmosphere.

Introduced Sunshine to Kombucha –



Consummating our dinner trip tonight @Heaven Woodfire Pizza

What started @Ekim Burgers is finishing here with yum and filling pizzas. First one was Jose’s recommendation and this one was from Arpit.

Happy to see new dinner trio forming up, this time with Arpit completing it. Having a great time tonight. πŸ•πŸ”πŸŸβ˜•


Trying out this little burger place @Ekim Burgers

Fancy outdoor seating with a look of garage combined with yum burgers serves as a wonderful place to enjoy a beautiful day. Only catch is the slow service due to the sequential processing for all orders including dine-in and takeaways. πŸ”πŸš—