Team lunch @Aroy Thai Eatery – Commerce Street

This is the first time I’m visiting an Aroy in Auckland and I already knew what I was going to have, at least for dessert – Mock Pomegranate Seeds, thanks to the Wellington experience.🍴🥗🍛🍚🍍🍈


A long due catch-up with WEX mates @Wok N Noodle Bar

WEX is undoubtedly one of the best clients I ever worked for, ending up making many friends for life. Other than work, we always had other things to look forward to for strengthening our bond, tramping being one.

Friends who enjoy and appreciate smiles on each-other’s face.🍽️🍚🍛👥⛰️


The very first lunch at Auckland CBD in this month @Mai Thai

Had anyone told a year ago that we will be enjoying lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland, we both may had laughed it off. And here we are, meeting in Auckland on such a beautiful day. 🥘🍲🍚🍛

It is moments like this one which confirm that the life is moving in the right direction.


Enjoying the lunch @Thai Chef’s Restaurant

This turns out to be the best Thai restaurant we have been to in Wellington and we both agreed on it. Delicious food, great interior and well-timed service. Plus we got window place to enjoy the view outside.

Missing Stephen and we have decided to share our pic with him later. Pity he couldn’t be at this amazing restaurant. It has become our favourite Thai restaurant in Wellington. 🥗🍲🥘 🍍


Exploring never-ending Cuba Street, this time for lunch @Aroy – Thai Street Food

The food was tasty but the dessert turns to be the highlight. An awesome recommendation from Jose – restaurant as well as the dessert.

It is always a great experience to visit Cuba Street and try something new! 🍛🍲📛🍚🍍🍉


A long awaited meeting over lunch @Grasshopper Thai Restaurant

This catch-up was pending for months and I’m glad to finally see it happening.

Food at here restaurant has always been amazing and best thing is that we both like this restaurant. 🍲🍛🥗📛🍚

#ThaiHouseRestaurant #Ben&Jerry’sIceCream

Weekend couldn’t get any better. Enjoying Ice Cream @Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream after delicious dinner @Thai House Restaurant with Stephen’s family.

#Weekend #Dinner #Dessert #ThaiRestaurant #ThaiFood #SpringRolls #TaroBlackBeanCakes #TomYumVegetablesSoup #TofuGinger #IceCream #Spring #Auckland 🍦🥘🍲