Team lunch @Aroy Thai Eatery – Commerce Street

This is the first time I’m visiting an Aroy in Auckland and I already knew what I was going to have, at least for dessert – Mock Pomegranate Seeds, thanks to the Wellington experience.🍴🥗🍛🍚🍍🍈


Grabbing quick lunch @Per Kilo

Today has been crazy, full of meetings but nothing to complain about when there were productive outcomes in the end.

Thanks to Sandeep for recommending this amazing takeaway place around the corner, we were able to pick a quick wrap.

Now looking forward to the weekend! 🌯🥗


Exploring never-ending Cuba Street, this time for lunch @Aroy – Thai Street Food

The food was tasty but the dessert turns to be the highlight. An awesome recommendation from Jose – restaurant as well as the dessert.

It is always a great experience to visit Cuba Street and try something new! 🍛🍲📛🍚🍍🍉


Enjoying a tasty lunch @Rahzoo Cafe n Salad Bar

Thought of checking out this small restaurant and food here is amazing. Although they have only one choice for vegans and vegetarians but it was well prepared. Thanks to Ranga and Raj for introducing this place. 🥗🥘


Feeding ourselves over delicious dinner at one of Stephen’s recommendations @Kazu Japanese Restaurant

This restaurant serves authentic Japanese food and ambience is awesome. The food portions are small which give you opportunity to try more of tasty preparations. We had a great time enjoying the evening.

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Tasty dessert after a yummy dinner is all you want. Picked this luscious Mango Ice-cream out of many exquisite ice-cream flavours @Kaffee Eis

Thanks to Sunshine for spotting this really popular and little ice-cream shop which made our day.

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