Dessert time @Miann Morningside

Drinking hot chocolate followed by chocolate desserts while sitting outside in 8 degrees cold has its own pleasure in becoming a memorable experience.

Just like @Mixmoon, this one is slowly becoming our goto dessert place for carvings on lazy days and weekends!🍵☕🍦🍨🍧🍫


The water problem finally got resolved today afternoon, after 3 days of no hot water supply.

Turns out dozens of houses were affected from this problem and in fact, happened to visit couple of them only to hear troubles they faced.

Finally relieved to have assurance of a satisfactory bath tomorrow, thanks to Watercare Services. I can see Easter turning better from now onwards. 🚱💧🛁🚿


This year didn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. No hot water for past 2 days because promised water pressure isn’t passed from @Watercare Services

That means 2 days of bath with ice cold water or no bath. The response from services is that repairers are working on it on and off because of issues with higher priorities.

Hoping for this to get resolved sometime soon. 🚱💧🛁🚿


We had to turn back after waiting for 10 minutes in cold standing outside @Chinoiserie Bar and Eatery

You cannot make reservation here and you may have to wait for as long as 20 minutes out in cold because it can be full, there can be a group of 8 already waiting ahead of you and there is no place to wait inside the restaurant.

Lesson learned: Avoid visiting a restaurant over weekend which doesn’t accept reservations.

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