Yum lunch on a beautiful day @Pandoro Panetteria

This little, pretty and busy cafe is located just at the right distance between The Terrace and Lambton Quay, over Woodward Street, making it an ideal place to catch-up and for quick lunch.🥙☕

It had to be a recommendation before we could try their specialty, Veg Panini and we loved it.

#MasalaCafe&Bar #Southerly Winds

Having dinner @Masala Cafe & Bar

Couldn’t think of being at a better place in this stormy night rocked by Southerly Winds. Reminded of the horrors of same winds last year.

It is altogether different experience to enjoy lightening, sitting by the window while having yum food at a beautiful restaurant filled with posters of Bollywood movies and dialogues.🍽️🥗🍛🥘🍚🎥🌀⛈️


A quick visit to nearby Sushi place, @Yoshi Sushi & Bento

Have read about the interesting story of the couple behind this unique kind of restaurant while shuffling through the inflight magazine, last year and since then it was marked over my Maps app. Finally managed to try it out and was not disappointed at all, thanks to Jay’s company, one of the busiest guys at office.

The yum Sushi preparations are on display to pick from with well marked labels providing descriptions for vegans and vegetarians. They have one of the biggest range for vegetarians.

Now enjoying the Sushi with Wasabi in the meeting room. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it was a quick visit! 🍣


The very first lunch at Auckland CBD in this month @Mai Thai

Had anyone told a year ago that we will be enjoying lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland, we both may had laughed it off. And here we are, meeting in Auckland on such a beautiful day. 🥘🍲🍚🍛

It is moments like this one which confirm that the life is moving in the right direction.


Time for a special dessert @T-Hut

Talk of fusion concept applied to tea.

Here you are looking at a ‘Jasmine Green Tea’ filled with Milk and having Cheese topping. Once you mix everything, its taste is pleasant enough to confuse the senses to determine if it is a tea or a filling dessert.