Enjoying the lunch @Thai Chef’s Restaurant

This turns out to be the best Thai restaurant we have been to in Wellington and we both agreed on it. Delicious food, great interior and well-timed service. Plus we got window place to enjoy the view outside.

Missing Stephen and we have decided to share our pic with him later. Pity he couldn’t be at this amazing restaurant. It has become our favourite Thai restaurant in Wellington. 🥗🍲🥘 🍍


The magnificent @Mount Ruapehu

This is possibly the last clear pic of Mount Ruapehu I’ll have before the end of daylight saving and hence start of darker evenings proceeding to cold winters. Perhaps going to be the last clear photo of mountain that I’ll have for years to come.

Happy that I could get a clear shot this time! 🗻📷


Enjoying a quick refreshing afternoon walk @War Memorial Park

A beautiful park covered with long walkway, parkings and entrances at regular distances in different directions, awesome sculptures and structures and bridges. There is a running track as well as softball field.

This one happens to be the last walk before the start of great Indian vacation.

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