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The team celebration and farewell lunch @El Loco at Slip Inn

Will be missing these smiling faces and awesome teammates.

This happens to be the shortest engagement and fastest delivery of work I ever had in my career which could not be made possible without such an energetic team working on a challenging project.

Hoping to see then again, sometime soon.🥗📛🍽️🥂🌯

#CoventGardenHotel #Chinatown

Tonight could not get any better @Covent Garden Hotel

Having a great time with Thor and Shyam who walked all the way to my place for 20 minutes, to take me for drinks and show around @Chinatown

Feeling thankful and glad to have made good mates during such a short stay in this engagement.

We already know where we are going next time – a famous dumpling place in Chinatown.

The story of Thor is no less than a movie script involving a 14 year Vietnamese migrant kid washing ashore and making his way to the riches through a lifetime of hard work. His talks are full of experiences felt through the decades of change that Sydney has gone through.

Imagine running into someone discriminatory tonight and Thor showing him the mirror, and then the door.

Ozzies are tough and so is Thor! Respect.🥂🍸


Here’s to beautiful memories of Sydney @Air New Zealand Lounge

This surely is one of the biggest and most comfortable lounges I have been to. Relaxing, enjoying awesome company, and the yum food & drinks. 🍛🛫🛬🍹🍽️🥗

The airport and duty free is pretty flash.


Another team lunch, another farewell @Portofino Restaurant

For some reason, I have started dreading team lunches, all of recent ones being those for farewell. When starting in this project, had never thought of becoming the last one left alone here seeing everyone else going away.

Food, on the other hand, is delicious at this restaurant and completely enjoyed the service.

It was good time spent together getting introduced to Paul and Jamie while Ashan was having the last laugh, enjoying waiving at us! 🥗🍕🍸


Some farewells are harder than others and this one is definitely not the easy one. Reviving the beautiful memories of working together over the farewell drinks for the guy with a good sense of humour, Nick @Sterling Woodfire Eatery & Bar

There came up the subject of authentic Kiwi food and it turns out that Hangi falls into that category. What are the chances that you will end up struggling to find out a place serving Hangi in New Zealand and will not find one other than traditional Marae where the process to get in is no less than going through a visa application process.

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