Enjoying yum Mexican food @The Flying Burrito Brothers

This one lived up to the expectations set by the one @Wellington. That combined with amazing company tonight is what you can call an awesome start to the weekend!

It has become my new favourite Mexican restaurant in Auckland. 🍽️🥗🌮🥑

#Mad Mex #AMP Tower

Quick lunch with Quinn before he flies off for a month @Mad Mex opposite AMP Tower

This one is running on bare minimum inside one container installed on the premises of AMP Tower with no address of its own. In fact this business is not listed on the map and we could never discover it if we had not found discount coupons for’ ‘buy 1 get 1 free’.

Food tastes good but 90% part of every food item is filled with cheese and portions are squeezed down. There was one customer complaining about size to price ratio while we were waiting for our order.🍴🌯🍲

#ElLocoAtSlipInn #ElLoco

The team celebration and farewell lunch @El Loco at Slip Inn

Will be missing these smiling faces and awesome teammates.

This happens to be the shortest engagement and fastest delivery of work I ever had in my career which could not be made possible without such an energetic team working on a challenging project.

Hoping to see then again, sometime soon.🥗📛🍽️🥂🌯


Grabbing quick lunch @Per Kilo

Today has been crazy, full of meetings but nothing to complain about when there were productive outcomes in the end.

Thanks to Sandeep for recommending this amazing takeaway place around the corner, we were able to pick a quick wrap.

Now looking forward to the weekend! 🌯🥗


Never had such versatile and filling Mexican meal and was completely taken by surprise with Halloween celebration @The Flying Burrito Brothers

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