#CoventGardenHotel #Chinatown

Tonight could not get any better @Covent Garden Hotel

Having a great time with Thor and Shyam who walked all the way to my place for 20 minutes, to take me for drinks and show around @Chinatown

Feeling thankful and glad to have made good mates during such a short stay in this engagement.

We already know where we are going next time – a famous dumpling place in Chinatown.

The story of Thor is no less than a movie script involving a 14 year Vietnamese migrant kid washing ashore and making his way to the riches through a lifetime of hard work. His talks are full of experiences felt through the decades of change that Sydney has gone through.

Imagine running into someone discriminatory tonight and Thor showing him the mirror, and then the door.

Ozzies are tough and so is Thor! Respect.🥂🍸


Enjoying delicious lunch @Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant

We both felt happy about our decision to check out this restaurant – a fine dining experience, yum food, cordial service and awesome ambiance. In words of Stephen, this is the finest Chinese restaurant he has been to in Sydney and enjoyed a relaxed meal experience after a long time.

We had pleasure of opening fortune cookies together for first time.

People may not always believe what you say, but they will believe what you do.


The strong person understands how to withstand substantial loss.

I was glad to have found this restaurant on CBD map for Stephen’s delight and our farewell meal in Sydney!🍽️🍲🥘🍛☕🍚


A long due catch-up over lunch @Daikoku Victoria

Not sure when was the last time I had sizzling food served in front of me. That itself made it an amazing experience and the meeting couldn’t get any better.

This restaurant looks pretty small from outside but it turns out to be quite spacious from inside. Food is delicious.

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#CharleyNoble #MojoTerrace

Welcoming Jose back, giving farewell to Kennedy and concluding our Wellington trip with new favourite @Charley Noble

The lunch was followed by a quick coffee @Mojo Terrace

This time we made sure to make reservation for four of us over the lunch. We had an awesome experience, once again.

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