Another team lunch, another farewell @Portofino Restaurant

For some reason, I have started dreading team lunches, all of recent ones being those for farewell. When starting in this project, had never thought of becoming the last one left alone here seeing everyone else going away.

Food, on the other hand, is delicious at this restaurant and completely enjoyed the service.

It was good time spent together getting introduced to Paul and Jamie while Ashan was having the last laugh, enjoying waiving at us! 🥗🍕🍸


Consummating our dinner trip tonight @Heaven Woodfire Pizza

What started @Ekim Burgers is finishing here with yum and filling pizzas. First one was Jose’s recommendation and this one was from Arpit.

Happy to see new dinner trio forming up, this time with Arpit completing it. Having a great time tonight. 🍕🍔🍟☕


Spent a beautiful day at Stephen’s place enjoying the snacks and movies. Could not have thought of spending Boxing Day in a better way.

Now enjoying yum dinner @Manuka Restaurant

From the menu it gives a feeling of an Italian restaurant with wide variety of pizzas and pastas.

Despite the limited choice for vegetarians, the vegetarian preparation was delicious.

No wonder it is one of Stephen’s favourites.

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