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The best part of a journey for me is the travel back home. And nothing can make it better than an awesome, soothing and relaxing stay @Air New Zealand Lounge

Concluding one such beautiful journey tonight @Auckland Airport



Here’s to beautiful memories of Sydney @Air New Zealand Lounge

This surely is one of the biggest and most comfortable lounges I have been to. Relaxing, enjoying awesome company, and the yum food & drinks. πŸ›πŸ›«πŸ›¬πŸΉπŸ½οΈπŸ₯—

The airport and duty free is pretty flash.


Now stretching out the legs while waiting for our flight @Air India Lounge

Check out those miniatures and first one on the rightmost side in the top-left pic represents NZ. Yup, I was shocked too!

This is our first ever stay at this lounge. Enjoying the fruits of privilege earned from the regular travel to Wellington for almost one year now – thank you ACC and Tenzing!

Could not be more excited to travel back home. πŸ›« πŸ›©οΈ


Walking around during early morning and enjoying beautiful statues placed well at regular distances @Indira Gandhi International Airport

This airport certainty has improved a lot to maintain a status of world-class. Felt happy to see so many colours and structures.


The beautiful view of @Mount Ruapehu

This is the last time I’ll be seeing this, now a familiar mount on my regular Wellington trips, in this year. So tried to take a clear shot.

You do not get to see Mount Ruapehu on every flight between Auckland and Wellington, sometime due to clouds or weather and other time due to different flight path, but this is one thing I look forward to every time boarding a flight on this route.

Another reason I am going to remember last flight of this year from Wellington is because of the pleasure of the company provided by Stephen and Anita – Stephen made sure to be in the same row which was very nice gesture of him and Anita, by accident but a pleasant one with her sitting exactly in front of me. An awesome way to end the travel this year with a memorable journey.

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Finally it is time to fly back home from Middle of Middle Earth @Wellington International Airport

It has been a long tiring day including total wait of more than 2 hours at the airport from the time of our arrival. Only good that came out of it other than Koru Lounge stay was running into the colleagues at the airport.

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