Now enjoying our second date this year @Burger Burger Ponsonby

This is one of the best restaurants in Ponsonby for a quick bite and still treasure the time. Yum burgers, good drinks and great atmosphere.

Introduced Sunshine to Kombucha –



The very first catch-up with our new lead @Mojo Terrace

A wonderful morning coffee enjoyed well knowing each other and sharing so much in common. The best part was that he had not just heard but has a friend from such a small town, my hometown.

Feeling fresh to have such a kicking start of the day.

What I had? Kombucha, the old favourite organic drink! β˜•πŸΆ


A quick review and catch-up this morning @Mojo Terrace

Enjoying this fancy and supposedly healthy Japanese organic caffeine drink (dead link – http://www.dailyorganics.com/brews.html) Kombucha which interestingly comes in three different flavours – Original, Summer and Winter. More on Wikipedia.

This is one of those times in a year which bring clients and service providers together! I am already wondering about how long today is going to be.

If I could, I wanted to say ‘I love you’ to Andrew for awesome feedback this morning.

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