Stopping by this morning for emergency supply of Super Glue @Mirna Convenience Store

Trying to fix a sensitive situation which may come up due to wear out from regular travel for 4 consecutive weeks.

Intentionally keeping it a secret for now or you can try to guess it from the clues ☺️🏪🌏👞


The very first catch-up with our new lead @Mojo Terrace

A wonderful morning coffee enjoyed well knowing each other and sharing so much in common. The best part was that he had not just heard but has a friend from such a small town, my hometown.

Feeling fresh to have such a kicking start of the day.

What I had? Kombucha, the old favourite organic drink! ☕🍶


Catching up with Andrew this morning @Sierra Cafe

This is the time to learn about the lost tracks, events and happenings, and to express some gratitude.

Could not thank enough to some people for making me feel comfortable from very start of the time here in Wellington and for reaching where I stand now. Andrew comes at top of that list along-with very few others I’ll be meeting with, very soon. The ‘Honey Lemon Ginger’ drink here is awesome -thanks to Andrew for introducing it to me ☕ 🍯 🍋


What can be a better way to start last working day of the year than with hot coffee and a cookie @Mrs Higgins Oven Fresh Cookies

This was following the recommendation received during my last visit and we were not disappointed. Although we still have to try their masala tea – next time.

Now waiting for Christmas Lunch this afternoon.

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