Now enjoying drinks @Ministry of Food Bar & Kitchen

A good time to get hold of Ashan only to learn his planned departure in few weeks.

Thanks to him for gearing up and speeding the team during initial days of formation, and here we are, after go-live, enjoying talking about those days. 🍺


Catching up with Andrew this morning @Sierra Cafe

This is the time to learn about the lost tracks, events and happenings, and to express some gratitude.

Could not thank enough to some people for making me feel comfortable from very start of the time here in Wellington and for reaching where I stand now. Andrew comes at top of that list along-with very few others I’ll be meeting with, very soon. The ‘Honey Lemon Ginger’ drink here is awesome -thanks to Andrew for introducing it to me ☕ 🍯 🍋


Just when you think life has given enough shocks, there is one more left for you in a corner!

This was the last pic of team I had before many faces disappeared from the office and that was the latest shock I had this morning.

Today morning, missing from this pic are Stephen, Kaushalya, Kieran and Greame –

As if that already was not strong enough, couple of others were going to disappear in coming weeks.

Talk of being excited to return after the vacations!

#AirNewZealandKoruClub #AucklandAirport

An awesome start of Great Indian Vacation @Air New Zealand Koru Club over @Auckland Airport

First ever visit to Koru Lounge over international terminal and an amazing drink with a kick is all you need to look forward to the vacations.

#FirstEver #Awesome #Start #Amazing #LemonLimeBitters #Kick #GreatIndianVacation #Summer #Auckland


Enjoying a quick refreshing afternoon walk @War Memorial Park

A beautiful park covered with long walkway, parkings and entrances at regular distances in different directions, awesome sculptures and structures and bridges. There is a running track as well as softball field.

This one happens to be the last walk before the start of great Indian vacation.

#Quick #AfternoonWalk #Beautiful #Refreshing #Last #GreatIndianVacation #Summer #Auckland


Getting out for Sunday afternoon walk @Blockhouse Bay Recreational Reserve

A beautiful reserve with couple of playground and children’s play areas. A quiet and peaceful place. Well maintained reserve and feeling happy coming here.

#AfternoonWalk #Beautiful #Quiet #Peaceful #Summer #Auckland


A long due catch-up over lunch @Daikoku Victoria

Not sure when was the last time I had sizzling food served in front of me. That itself made it an amazing experience and the meeting couldn’t get any better.

This restaurant looks pretty small from outside but it turns out to be quite spacious from inside. Food is delicious.

#JapaneseFood #JapaneseRestaurant #CatchUp #Lunch #Delicious #Sizzling #Amazing #Experience #GreenTea #TofuSteakSet #Summer #Auckland