The very first catch-up with our new lead @Mojo Terrace

A wonderful morning coffee enjoyed well knowing each other and sharing so much in common. The best part was that he had not just heard but has a friend from such a small town, my hometown.

Feeling fresh to have such a kicking start of the day.

What I had? Kombucha, the old favourite organic drink! ☕🍶


A wonderful dinner to remember @Musashi Japanese Cuisine

This pending meetup after our return to Auckland gave us a chance to go outside, look around and have a breath of fresh air – first one for Sunshine after being bedridden for past week.

Spending quality time catching up with Stephen, first at home and then dining at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Auckland. Will be on our way back to home in sometime and that will be the time for a surprise to Stephen. 🍛🥗🥘🍲