#Auckland #PowerOutage #Storm

After 3 days without power, it was restored today afternoon. Hats off to the crews working during storm and rain.

This is the worst power outage both of us have ever been through and we don’t consider ourselves young anymore (just to give you an idea of years lived in 3 continents by each of us).

This storm must have been a fierce one. Now gearing up for the next storm arriving tonight. ⛈ī¸đŸŒ€đŸŒŠī¸

#Auckland #PowerOutage #Storm

It appears @Auckland still has to go through its due share of problems this year.

Here is how I was welcomed to the city on my way to home from the airport tonight –

Thanks to strong storms, there is still power outage in quarter of the city and at peak, more than 200,000 properties were left without power and it is not getting better anytime soon.

Not looking forward to the dark times but is there a choice? ⛈ī¸đŸŒ€đŸŒŠī¸

Link for the curious – Airport Shut, 200,000 Houses Without Power As Fierce Storm Hits Auckland

#Storm #AucklandAirport

Just when a cold summer filled with cyclones was not enough, there are 2 strong storms lined up all the the way till this weekend.

Flights are already getting delayed and mine is delayed by 1 hour this evening @Auckland Airport ⛈ī¸đŸŒ€đŸŒŠī¸


The first ever date we managed to have after returning from vacation @Xotic Sweets & Snacks

This is one of our happy places for many reasons and when in doubt, this is one of the restaurants we pick for a quick meal.

Cannot believe it is already one month since our arrival and today we could manage to go out together, thanks to all the machines Sunshine had to bear with and still carrying one. Feeling good to see her happy and smiling while enjoying this outing.

Yummy food and a beautiful day – could not expect more for our first date. đŸ‘Ģ đŸĨ—đŸ›đŸĨ˜


The water problem finally got resolved today afternoon, after 3 days of no hot water supply.

Turns out dozens of houses were affected from this problem and in fact, happened to visit couple of them only to hear troubles they faced.

Finally relieved to have assurance of a satisfactory bath tomorrow, thanks to Watercare Services. I can see Easter turning better from now onwards. 🚱💧🛁đŸšŋ


This year didn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. No hot water for past 2 days because promised water pressure isn’t passed from @Watercare Services

That means 2 days of bath with ice cold water or no bath. The response from services is that repairers are working on it on and off because of issues with higher priorities.

Hoping for this to get resolved sometime soon. 🚱💧🛁đŸšŋ

#WindowsUpdate #BootLoop

Latest Windows update caused Dell XPS 15 to crash and go into boot loop – a common problem faced by vendors selling laptops with pre-installed Windows including Lenovo and HP.

This is the latest crisis faced by couple others at the office and resulted nothing less than replacing the laptop due to the unresolvable problem. Thankfully it was possible for me to retrieve the data with the help of tech support and transfer it to the new one. It is whole different process to recover the data from SSD.

The quote to remember from the technician –

I hope there are not many crazy programmers at Microsoft who will ship more such updates in the future causing more machines to break just because those machines weren’t shipped with single partition.

And an advice –

Always sync your data over an external drive or cloud storage.

It was sad to see such a powerful laptop studded with touch screen leave. đŸ’ģ📁â™ģī¸