Ending the week with dinner @Sen Vietnamese Kitchen & Bar

Spending a much awaited evening with adorable mates. This lovely restaurant fills you with joy as soon as you enter, presenting beautiful ambiance especially the roof seating and dim lightening with splendid views.

Was taken aback with a pleasant surprise during the dinner (revelation around reviews).

The only struggle was to find parking during much awaited T20 game between Blackcaps and India here at Mount Eden in Auckland. A first world problems perhaps!

Looking forward to more such evenings to bask this exceptionally good summer.🥘🍛🍽️🍢🥗🍚


Enjoying the lunch @Apache

This beautiful fusion food restaurant presents a great opportunity to try Vietnamese food served and presented in French style. And the tagline says – ‘when Hanoi meet Paris’ 🍽️☕🥗🍛🍲


Celebrating with dinner @Asian Ruby Vietnamese Fusion

Delicious food and friendly service. Enjoyed the dinner, ended with a unique dessert, Banana Ice Cream Plaming.🍽️🥗🍛🍚🍨


Dinner time @The Old Quarter

The food is delicious and service is super friendly. The best thing is the company – good to see our trio holding up well.

Having a great time together while enjoying Vietnamese specialities including amazing Dripping Vietnamese Coffee. ☕🍔📛🥗🥘🍛


Enjoying the last lunch of this trip to Wellington @Saigon Van Grill Bar

It turned out to be the best Vietnamese restaurant I’ve ever been to – a wonderful recommendation from Jose and totally justified the farewell dinner with Stephen last week at this awesome restaurant.

The dripping Vietnamese Coffee here is just amazing. ☕🥗🍛