Team lunch @Saravanaa Bhavan

It has become our team’s goto restaurant over past month and cannot get enough of it, thanks to small distance from work, delicious and authentic food, huge variety of food in a no-less-than-a-book menu and amazing service!🍽️🍛🥘☕


Enjoying scrumptious lunch along-with Derek’s birthday lunch @Saravanaa Bhavan

A wonderful catch up with the best people at my favourite South Indian restaurant in Auckland. This time trying out Cheese Paneer Dosa.

This happens to be my third visit to this restaurant in 1 month!🍽️🍛🥘🍵


Team lunch @Saravanaa Bhavan

Loving my favourite starter and Dosa at this place, once again. This time they are accompanied with delicious Gulab Jamun and amazing Madras Filter Coffee – thanks to the recommendations from ever helpful colleagues.

This is the fastest return trip to a restaurant that I can remember to have ever made in past couple of years.

It is slowly becoming my favourite South Indian restaurant in Auckland. 🍽️🍛🥘


Dinner @Saravanaa Bhavan

It has been a long wait for years since the time restaurant board was put on and announcement was made over social media about the upcoming arrival of biggest Indian restaurant chain in the world (dating back to 2015) and finally arrived in April 2019. Talk of creating a hype and still getting into notoriety on launch.

Enjoying the awesome company of friends on this lovely night out. This weekend could not get a better start.

Food, specially the South Indian food is delicious and table service is great – worth the wait. Pity that reservation cannot be made in advance at this restaurant.🍽️🍛🥘


A dinner after long time @Dosa Plaza Dominion

Welcoming Arpit and Jay to Auckland with the fusion food.

It has been so long since we visited this beautiful restaurant last time that it never made it to this timeline so far. So much has changed and that includes the taste!🍽️🍛🍲🥗🌯


First meal in Sydney @Harbour Spirit

Thanks to Sandeep for recommending this nice restaurant.

Today, already ran into so many colleagues from ACC including Shari, Michael, Marc and looking forward to meet Stephen later today.

Delicious food. 🍛🥗🍲🍚🍨🥘


An awesome dinner, in fact first for us in this year after Sunshine’s recovery @Sahana South Indian Restaurant

Having a great time at one of the finest and authentic South Indian restaurants in Auckland and we had the pleasure of introducing it to our close family friend.

Couldn’t expect our first time out for dinner to get any better. 🍽️🍛🍲 🍄


Awesome delicious dinner at our favourite South Indian restaurant in Wellington @Kera-la-carte

This is first time four of us sat together. Couldn’t think of any better place to meet. If anyone had told me 8 months back that a vegetarian dish can be favourite of Stephen at a restaurant, I may had laughed at it.

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