Songs from Jagjit Singh have become unforgettable part of my memories. These songs keep popping out as and when those old memories are refreshed.

For example the song in title included following lines –

उन्हें ये ज़िद्द के मुझे देख कर किसी को न देख।
मेरा ये शौक के सबसे कलाम करता चलूँ।


Unhein ye zidd ke mujhe dekh kar kisi ko na dekh

Mera ye shauk ke sabse kalaam karta chaloon

I guess there is no need to explain why these lines got linked to James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan in those days) automatically whom I was introduced around the same time I listened to this song for the first time.
Today coincidentally I happened to watch Die Another Day and listen to this song which brought back many good old memories, without an invitation.
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