Catching up with Stephen after what feels like a very long time @Indian Accent

There could not be a better way to spend this beautiful evening than meeting with Stephen’s family and enjoying the dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.

I already know that this is going to be my best memory of this weekend. 🥘🍲🍛🍽️


The beautiful view of Wellington just after taking off for second-last time @Wellington International Airport

I can notice one congested road, a sign of traffic – that red line.

This will be part of so many beautiful memories of Windy Wellington. 🛫🌌🌏


Enjoying lunch with an old mate @Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

The food is good although the choice for vegetarians is limited. Comparatively we felt that the one in Takapuna is bigger and better.

Having a great time on this rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny day, sitting outside recalling awesome memories of past and relishing the Tofu meal. 🥗🍲🍛🥘📛


Visiting after long time @Salt Café

Catching up to build a new relation. Enjoying time together and there is so much to learn.

Feeling awesome to meet familiar faces including those at café and recalling old memories – there was mention of Alan and Quinn.


Enjoying the farewell team lunch for Sandeep and Andrew @Juniper Restaurant & Bar

Sad to see both of the buds leaving early but the hope around the possibility of working alongside one in near future and to easily catch up with other is helping to keep up the smile.

The food at this restaurant is delicious and service is amazing. Loved the ambience. The ‘Falafel Buddha Bowl With Haloumi Cheese’ is one of the best Falafel dishes I ever had.

Here is to two of the best I had the opportunity to work with! 🥗

#Saag #MakkiKiRoti #Curd

This is the food I am going to miss the most until my next trip.

Had never thought that this long awaited and planned vacation will end up waiting for it to get over, thanks to so many twists and turns, and disappointing medical system. Other than first week, rest 6 weeks were kind of ruined, the period none of us wants to remember.


Life is short.

Today I was shocked to learn that Rajat, one of dear and very first friends I made at Gurgaon during my initial stay, had passed away.

Gurgaon is the city I lived at for the longest time after my hometown and it is because of very few people like him whom I call friends that I was able to survive there.

It is the same friend who introduced me to Rajat, shared the news today.

Rajat is perhaps the only person whom I always noticed smiling, calm and appearing like he is going to say something funny right away. I never saw him hurt, depressed or angry at anyone throughout all the years we spent as friends.

By the time I was moving out of Gurgaon, we already had started losing touch but not the friendship. So whenever we met, it felt like we had met moments ago and that feeling was mutual. It is hard to make such friends and his friendship was no less than a treasure.

Will always miss you, Rajat.

#Friend #Treasure #Memories #Missing #Shocked #Gurgaon


It is the time to bid adieu to our beloved sofa set after five and half awesome years spent together. The very first years of settling down, job search, getting familiar with Auckland and the country, finding essentials of living, learning about a new culture, making friends, having lunches and dinners with family and friends and lot more all while sitting on these sofas.

Now waiting to welcome a new guest in our house. A new recliner set where I plonk myself and stretch my legs to rest horizontally while meeting, eating, learning, listening to music or watching the TV.

Here is to year 2017 – a year of flying, eating and shopping.

#Sofa #Adieu #Recliner #Memories #Journey #NewStart #2017 🏠


With almost a revamped team from where we started and missing those not here. Reliving the golden past and recalling amazing time spent together @Tony’s Original Steak & Seafood Restaurant

#Revamped #Memories #Lunch #Meeting #CatchUp #IAG #Mates #Yum #MushroomFettuccine 🍄