#TokatokaPeakLookout #KaiparaKumara #TheKauriMuseum #SpiceLounge #KaiparaHarbour #FlamePizza

The adventurous Sunday started with the tramp @Tokatoka Peak Lookout, continued to @Kaipara Kumara, @The Kauri Museum, then yum lunch @Spice Lounge, followed by getting lost @Kaipara Harbour and delicious pizza @Flame Pizza

This definitely has been the best Sunday and in turn, best weekend in this year so far. Looking forward to more such road trips in near future. 🎑⛰️🏞️🎑🍽️🍕

#AchillesPoint #Maungarei #MountWellington #Govinda100%VegetarianRestaurant

A great start of weekend on a beautiful sunny Saturday @Achilles Point and then @Maungarei/Mount Wellington followed by lunch @Govinda 100% Vegetarian Restaurant

While planning for Achilles Point, we could not believe that we never visited this beautiful place despite being so close to us.


Spending Waitangi Day doing tramping @Duder Regional Park

A beautiful regional park along-with farm. The main track of 3 Kms is well marked with additional 3 Kms leading to extremes of park all the way to seashores is left to the exploration of those feeling adventurous on such a bright sunny day.

Worth every minute spent covering these 6 Kms while enjoying awesome views of sea from different directions, courtesy Sunshine for hanging around till the end during quite a hot day otherwise.

Thanks to Michael for suggesting this hidden gem!🎑🏞️☀️⛰️