Now enjoying Chhole Bhature in lunch @Higher Taste Hare Krishna

This is one of the best restaurants in Wellington (and favourite of many I have met) to have a quick, yum and filling meal.πŸ›πŸ½οΈβ˜•


A quick takeaway lunch @Yoshi Sushi & Bento

This restaurant offers one of the fastest yet quality takeaway experiences. When it comes to time-crunch, I know where to head to next time, if there happens to be any!

Enjoyed short walk and an interesting conversation with Apurva this afternoon. Feeling happy to introduce him to this place.

Now enjoying the delicious Sushi.🍣πŸ₯™πŸ₯


A quick visit to nearby Sushi place, @Yoshi Sushi & Bento

Have read about the interesting story of the couple behind this unique kind of restaurant while shuffling through the inflight magazine, last year and since then it was marked over my Maps app. Finally managed to try it out and was not disappointed at all, thanks to Jay’s company, one of the busiest guys at office.

The yum Sushi preparations are on display to pick from with well marked labels providing descriptions for vegans and vegetarians. They have one of the biggest range for vegetarians.

Now enjoying the Sushi with Wasabi in the meeting room. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it was a quick visit! 🍣


Enjoying a quick refreshing afternoon walk @War Memorial Park

A beautiful park covered with long walkway, parkings and entrances at regular distances in different directions, awesome sculptures and structures and bridges. There is a running track as well as softball field.

This one happens to be the last walk before the start of great Indian vacation.

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Yum quick lunch @Xotic Sweets & Snacks

Made a note to skip Raj Kachori next time and order 2 plates of Aloo Tikki instead of one, if possible. Lassi was the highlight of this visit. Now feeling sleepy.

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