The beautiful view of Wellington just after taking off for second-last time @Wellington International Airport

I can notice one congested road, a sign of traffic – that red line.

This will be part of so many beautiful memories of Windy Wellington. 🛫🌌🌏


Awesome team lunch @Little Penang on The Terrace

Feeling nostalgic to visit one of our favourite spots over The Terrace.

Last time it was Nick’s farewell lunch with Ashan, Nick and Matt still there. And this is first time here with Apurva, Mike and Jim. 🍲🍛🥘🥗☕


Visiting after long time @Salt Café

Catching up to build a new relation. Enjoying time together and there is so much to learn.

Feeling awesome to meet familiar faces including those at café and recalling old memories – there was mention of Alan and Quinn.


The magnificent @Mount Ruapehu

This is possibly the last clear pic of Mount Ruapehu I’ll have before the end of daylight saving and hence start of darker evenings proceeding to cold winters. Perhaps going to be the last clear photo of mountain that I’ll have for years to come.

Happy that I could get a clear shot this time! 🗻📷


Enjoying the farewell team lunch for Sandeep and Andrew @Juniper Restaurant & Bar

Sad to see both of the buds leaving early but the hope around the possibility of working alongside one in near future and to easily catch up with other is helping to keep up the smile.

The food at this restaurant is delicious and service is amazing. Loved the ambience. The ‘Falafel Buddha Bowl With Haloumi Cheese’ is one of the best Falafel dishes I ever had.

Here is to two of the best I had the opportunity to work with! 🥗