We had to turn back after waiting for 10 minutes in cold standing outside @Chinoiserie Bar and Eatery

You cannot make reservation here and you may have to wait for as long as 20 minutes out in cold because it can be full, there can be a group of 8 already waiting ahead of you and there is no place to wait inside the restaurant.

Lesson learned: Avoid visiting a restaurant over weekend which doesn’t accept reservations.

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What are the chances that you get up in the morning at the right time.

Just when you are about to dress up, you find out that one button at a key position in your shirt has gone missing.

Then when you open the sewing kit provided by the hotel, the only needle in it is broken. You request for another kit from the reception.

Now on starting with the new sewing kit, you break the new needle while unstiching the additional button from the shirt.

In this embarrassing moment, you have to request another sewing kit and you are provided with additional 4 kits this time.

Finally you get to fix the button to resume your day which was stuck all this time.

Cannot explain how thankful I feel for learning these life saving skills like sewing early in my life, and of course, thanks also goes to the person who came up with the concept of additional button for a shirt.

Lesson learned – always make sure to have an additional button on a shirt. Even better, carry an additional shirt.

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