Some problems never get old and remind you of good old days. One of them is famous (or should I say notorious) Blue Screen Of Death.

Here is the first one over XPS 15. Not amused. In fact I was expecting it after it was running for 30 hours doing some pretty heavy stuff. 💻👨‍💻


The start of a new journey with a new laptop.

And guess what I got back. One of the best laptops I ever had and was dearly missed after losing it to Windows Updates last month. Happy to have a new XPS 15 in my hands and back to enjoying the touch screen. Excited to work on one of the most powerful XPS so far.💻👨‍💻


The end of two generations of laptops – Dell Latitude and Dell XPS 15.

Had a great time using these powerful machines meant for different periods of time. In fact XPS 15 had to leave before time, thanks to the buggy Windows Updates crashing it down.

Now it is the time for Dell Precision! 💻👨‍💻