Taking Sunshine to one of the landmarks of Hoshiarpur, an old fort @Bajwara Fort

In fact, this was the first time for me to this fort despite having spent half of my life here. Later, after checking out with family, it appears I was ahead of most to visit this place anyway.

We wished this landmark and a tourist attraction could be looked after in a better way. 🏯


On our way back, after arrival of Sunshine, enjoying yum food for lunch @Hoshiarpurian Da Dhaba And Sweets

The freshly prepared food and the fragrance of spices is just amazing at this place. One of the best Dal Makhani I ever had. Among sweets, Besan is most famous here and it always lives up to its reputation for us. 🥘🍛🍲😋


Now waiting for Sunshine @Chandigarh International Airport while these lines are humming in the back of my head –

कब से करे हैं तेरा इंतज़ार

कब आएगी मेरी जान-ए-बहार


Kab se kare hain tera intezaar

Kab aayegi meri jaan-e-bahaar

And here is the video. Only difference is that instead of train station, it is an airport and I’m not dancing otherwise I’ll be taken for a freak under normal circumstances.


This delicious dinner made up for all the tiredness @Shiva Dhaba

Saag and Makki Ki Roti are one of my favourite meals specially when served with curd and butter. Plus I’m hungry. Could not have expected more at this time in night on my way to Hoshiarpur. 😋🌃🍲🍛🥘


What a beautiful welcoming view you are presented with on arriving @Indira Gandhi International Airport

Not sure the reason for these structures being placed at the immigration but to me, more or less, they reflect the spiritual image of India to the rest of the world. That advertisement alongside from Samsung must have been placed after calling in lot of favours. It is kind of rare scene to have a corporate ad at immigration over any other airport. 🙏


Enjoying the artificially preserved nature @Butterfly Garden

This is the first artificial garden of its kind that I had visited back in 2012 and still one of my favourites over this airport. Love viewing flying butterflies who perhaps don’t care where the garden is located at as long as they are able to have a natural habitat and a company of likewise. Another reason being able to enjoy one of my favourite fruits, pineapple spread around!

A good place to relax before or after a long journey 🦋🍍 🌲 🌸🏵️

#AirNewZealandKoruClub #AucklandAirport

An awesome start of Great Indian Vacation @Air New Zealand Koru Club over @Auckland Airport

First ever visit to Koru Lounge over international terminal and an amazing drink with a kick is all you need to look forward to the vacations.

#FirstEver #Awesome #Start #Amazing #LemonLimeBitters #Kick #GreatIndianVacation #Summer #Auckland


Enjoying a quick refreshing afternoon walk @War Memorial Park

A beautiful park covered with long walkway, parkings and entrances at regular distances in different directions, awesome sculptures and structures and bridges. There is a running track as well as softball field.

This one happens to be the last walk before the start of great Indian vacation.

#Quick #AfternoonWalk #Beautiful #Refreshing #Last #GreatIndianVacation #Summer #Auckland