Enjoying the lunch @Thai Chef’s Restaurant

This turns out to be the best Thai restaurant we have been to in Wellington and we both agreed on it. Delicious food, great interior and well-timed service. Plus we got window place to enjoy the view outside.

Missing Stephen and we have decided to share our pic with him later. Pity he couldn’t be at this amazing restaurant. It has become our favourite Thai restaurant in Wellington. 🥗🍲🥘 🍍


Enjoying the farewell team lunch for Sandeep and Andrew @Juniper Restaurant & Bar

Sad to see both of the buds leaving early but the hope around the possibility of working alongside one in near future and to easily catch up with other is helping to keep up the smile.

The food at this restaurant is delicious and service is amazing. Loved the ambience. The ‘Falafel Buddha Bowl With Haloumi Cheese’ is one of the best Falafel dishes I ever had.

Here is to two of the best I had the opportunity to work with! 🥗


A wonderful dinner to remember @Musashi Japanese Cuisine

This pending meetup after our return to Auckland gave us a chance to go outside, look around and have a breath of fresh air – first one for Sunshine after being bedridden for past week.

Spending quality time catching up with Stephen, first at home and then dining at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Auckland. Will be on our way back to home in sometime and that will be the time for a surprise to Stephen. 🍛🥗🥘🍲


Enjoying the last lunch of this trip to Wellington @Saigon Van Grill Bar

It turned out to be the best Vietnamese restaurant I’ve ever been to – a wonderful recommendation from Jose and totally justified the farewell dinner with Stephen last week at this awesome restaurant.

The dripping Vietnamese Coffee here is just amazing. ☕🥗🍛


Trying out one of the best in Wellington after a long wait of an hour @Charley Noble

Stephen suggested this place and we weren’t disappointed except the long wait. No reservations can be made in the evening for 2 or less.

Food is prepared fresh and it is delicious. The Pear juice is unique and amazing. The ambiance and servers made our experience memorable. We are definitely going to visit again.

Today the celebration of 1 year completion for Stephen in Wellington was celebrated well.

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Delicious and the best South-Indian food we ever had in Auckland @Sahana South Indian Restaurant

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