Just when you think life has given enough shocks, there is one more left for you in a corner!

This was the last pic of team I had before many faces disappeared from the office and that was the latest shock I had this morning.

Today morning, missing from this pic are Stephen, Kaushalya, Kieran and Greame –

As if that already was not strong enough, couple of others were going to disappear in coming weeks.

Talk of being excited to return after the vacations!

#Auckland #UnichemPharmacy #WhiteSwanPharmacy #UnichemRichardsonRoadPharmacy #AucklandCityHospital

First week here in Auckland has involved visiting Pharmacies, Medical Centers or Hospitals everyday – not something you expect to do after returning from a tiring vacation. @Unichem Pharmacy, @White Swan Pharmacy, @Unichem Richardson Road Pharmacy, @Auckland City Hospital

Flying to Wellington this evening and hoping for the things to get better from now onwards.

#Saag #MakkiKiRoti #Curd

This is the food I am going to miss the most until my next trip.

Had never thought that this long awaited and planned vacation will end up waiting for it to get over, thanks to so many twists and turns, and disappointing medical system. Other than first week, rest 6 weeks were kind of ruined, the period none of us wants to remember.